Austin Marathon 20-miler

Well for some unknown reason I was totally messed up this morning. I woke at the right time, but for some strange reason I got stuck in my head that the run began at 7 AM and I had plenty of time. What I forgot about was that the run really started at 6:30 AM and I only realized it as I pulled into the parking lot at about 6:40 AM. Sheesh. Well just then as I was getting out of my car a large gaggle of runners passed the parking lot so I quickly start running with them (never having gone to the start to get the route map). However at Congress they turn left whereas I had planned to continue straight until Rio Grande and then head north. In addition I was having tight ankle problems so alone I continued on northward. However as time went on I finally realized that those runners were indeed my group and they were running the first 20 miles of the marathon whereas the night before I checked the maps and was running the last 20 miles of the marathon. Double Sheesh. At that time I realized that I was going to be all alone and with no water stops. It really ticks me off that this running group doesn’t publish their plans ahead of time with clear maps weeks before the actual runs. We pay big bucks to take this class and I’m very disappointed in their lack of planning WRT maps. As the miles clicked by I got to the campus and like a brainless drone I forgot to turn at Dean Keeton and dropped about a mile off my route. Triple Sheesh. Oh, and I also forgot to start my timer until I got to Rio Grande and started heading north so my final time was way off. However when I finished I was so brain-dead to have forgotten that and felt that I had done a good time. Quadruple Sheesh. Afterwards I mapped what I actually ran and it totaled 19.1 miles. Was it a good run? Well other than the tight ankle that finally loosened up at about mile 5-7 my answer is yes it was (except for Rogue’s and my sheeshes – is that a word?).

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