IBM Uptown 10K w/ Katie

Today Katie and I ran the IBM Uptown 10K, or more exactly we ran-walked it. Katie has been regularly exercising with Austin Fit for weeks. I’m so proud of her doing this. So I thought it would be good for us to do a race together. I had done my long run yesterday, so today was we stuck together and shared each other’s company, and the great weather. The race started at 8 AM, and we walked for 4 minutes and ran for 1 minute. When she walked I walked, and when she ran I ran. It was fun and I clowned around with the volunteers, and the other runner’s who were around us. I probably embarrassed my daughter. I’m so sorry Katie – NOT. I had a great time, and hopefully she did too. We completed in 1:31:20. This is a new Personal Record (PR) for Katie, but it wasn’t her first 10K having completed the Capital 10K a few years back. We took pictures before and after, and if she posts them I’ll update this entry.
Update: See Katie’s post for pictures: IBM Classic 10K

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