Cap 10K

Cap 10K was very nice, but I ran by myself and listened to my iPod. I wish I had friends to run with. Nevertheless I had great weather, but a bit chilly at the start, yet once I got going it was great. What surprised me was that I started out slow with the massive crowd, and didn’t see the mile markers until mile 3 which I completed in 27:35 or about 9:11/M. Last year I completed in 56 or about 9:03/M so I was thinking to myself that I wasn’t going to beat last year’s time. Yet I wasn’t going to worry about the time. However I did mile 4 in 8:43, then I thought I did mile 5 in 9:02 (sigh), but I still kept up my pace, and afterwards it was really 8:02 (wow!), the last mile was 8:01 which I never even glanced at while I trundled along, and the last two tenths was 1:28. Finished in 53:50 or 8:37/M. Better than last year. Yeah! Not bad, not bad at all. I remember during those last miles that I was passing people. No wonder… since I was running my butt off.

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