With a whimper

My running class is coming to an end. Typically it would have completed in my running the marathon next weekend. I would be feeling butterflies and stress about it now. However, I’ve decided that the HALF marathon is what I’ll be doing. Feeling this way is weird because I’ve only known that now is the time to run a marathon. Everyone else in my class is ready to go and do it. The class builds to this point yet I’m not going to reach that pinnacle. So I’m kinda feeling incomplete. I even have other runners I know that keep chiding me to run the full. (Thank you Monica, but sorry I won’t) Yet I know running the half is the right decision. Thinking back on this past running season I find that the peak for me was about a month ago. It was during the 20 miler race that I ran my longest race. Yet I hadn’t realized it at the time. Then a few weeks ago a raced the 3M Half Marathon. I pushed my self real hard for that one. And I’m not planning to race the Austin Half Marathon. So by then I was already on the downward slope. But I still was not fully realizing that the season for me was over back then. Nevertheless it was good exercise. I did all that was asked of me during class. And with that I am satisfied. My only wish was to have met more running buddies, but this time it didn’t work out. I just didn’t blend in or they were just too fast or slow. It was my fault too, because I would run out ahead or struggle to catch up. Maybe because I knew I wasn’t going to run the marathon I kept my distance literally and figuratively. Whatever the case I don’t even have a friend to run the half with. And with that I am saddened. Sigh.

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