Nearly a face plant

I’m such a klutz. I had just started out on my typical running route through Wells Branch. On the way I wanted to cross the street so I looked back to check for traffic. As I did I unknowingly stepped off the curb. There was some cars back at the light a few hundred feet back, but I lost my balance. Instead of falling down immediately and doing a total face plant I continued to run. However I was terribly off balance and trying very hard to recover. My torso was leaning over awkwardly. I continued to run and struggled to stay upright for twenty feet or more. Straining my muscles, my feet, my back. Trying so hard to get upright. My balance is not what it used to be. Finally, just finally I got my center of gravity under my feet. Luckily I hadn’t run too far into the road so I corrected and got back to the sidewalk. The traffic from the light passed me. My heart was racing. I was breathing hard. I had just ducked a bullet. A near miss. Whew!

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