Running class

Yesterday night’s running class was interesting. We had to run a mile at critical velocity, then rest for a minute, and repeat three times. I interpreted critical velocity as fast but not so fast so as to cause me to breath uncontrollably hard, that is, where I can’t catch my breath. I consider it balancing between controllable or uncontrollable breathing. Our coach said it was to be at our 15K pace or close to our 10 mile race pace. However, I didn’t run the 10 miler this past weekend, so all I could use is my 10 mile PR of 1:25 or 8:30/mile set a few years back. Yet when I ran yesterday I was doing about 8:00/mile. What was amazing is that I was able to do this reasonably. My three miles were 8:07, 7:59, and 8:03. The big question is could I keep it up. I don’t know, but I was impressed with my current performance. I have to thank my training and my weight loss.

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