EAS 10 Miler

Chris we missed ya today somehow. Glenn said he saw you before the race heading to the potties and we looked for you from the very back of the pack, but didn’t see or find ya. Did you see any of us during the race? [Sometime near the end I’m so focused on just getting it over with I could have run by anything or anyone without knowing it] Celeste, Glenn and I started together and stuck together until about mile 6. We were doing about 10/mile. And then at 6 (heading up the last Scenic hill) Glenn drifted on ahead and we lost sight of him. Then at 7 and back on flat Lake Austin Blvd Celeste said it would be OK for me to “get back to the barn” so I ran ahead. I was happy to see Steve Sission and Ruth England cheering us on at the Mopac overpass, but still no Glenn. Then finally at 9.5 I caught up to Glenn. Overall the weather was good, and the company was great and for that I am very thankful because all my running buddies made the 10 miles seem so much shorter. Now we’ve now got to set our sights on the six (or is it seven) big, very big, rolling hills of Decker on the 2nd. See ya…

Chris: 1:37:57.8
Celeste: 1:39:41.2
Brian: 1:34:43.9
Glenn: 1:35:05 (no chip, his watch)

Mile – Time
01 – 10:05.94
02 – 09:46.00
03 – 10:12.50
04 – 10:01.00
05 – 09:41.65
06 – 10:18.84
07 – 09:52.14
08 – 08:19.01
09 – 08:04.83
10 – 08:22.00

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