Bay to Breaker – partie trois

Had a great time running the Bay to Breakers with Justin on Sunday May 20,2007. See his thoughts on it in Bay to @#$%! Breakers, 2007 blog post. The weather was excellent – about 50 degrees. The course was excellent. I had expected one tough big (300′) hill, but with the intervening flats of the crossing streets and our pace it wasn’t bad. Also the next four miles to the end were either flat or downhill hill which was sweet. I love downhills. So we stayed together and finished in 1:24:02. I don’t have the splits on my watch anymore, but the first few were 12:30 because of the massive crowds. The ones at the end were closer to 10:20 to 10:40. Overall our pace was 11:16 per mile. So I would definitely do it again – especially doing it together, which made it twice the fun. Oh, and the nude runners were nothing to look at, but the centipedes and bunches of girls in mini-sailor costumes and devil outfits were much more fun to watch if I say so myself. Thanks to Justin for making this happen. I was only able to do this with the generous gift of a plane ticket.

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