Surprise, surprise

At class this week coach Karen asked if I was running Motive this weekend. Motive is a half-marathon this Sunday at 7:30 AM that’s part of the Austin Distance Challenge. I responded by saying no, that I had planned to do my long run on Saturday. She said good, because she was recommending that. Well on Thursday I receive an e-mail at work from Motive stating that my race number was #810 and packet pick up was Friday and Saturday. Puzzled, it finally dawned on me that a while back Matthew had considered running this race with me and at that time he declined but I indeed signed up for it. Sheesh, if that isn’t symptomatic of my CRS* I don’t know what is. Naturally I sent a note to coach Karen saying I goofed. If Motive hadn’t send me that e-mail I would have totally skipped it. And I had been thinking that I wouldn’t get another T-shirt and a neat pair of sox.

So tommorrow I will be running my first race after the Chicago marathon, but my plan is to take it real easy – kinda like what I did for the marathon.
* Can’t Remember Sh*t.

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