Trail running

Each Sunday after my Saturday long run I have been doing trail running. There is a local park, Walnut Creek Park, about 1.5 miles from my home. My running course requirement is to do 5 miles with 4-5 strides (speed up for 50 meters). However after running my butt off on Saturday, I’ve liberally interpreted the strides to be the mini-hills found in this park. Since there is over 6 miles of trails I just run a trail until it comes to an intersection and then I randomly choose another trail. Basically I try to get lost. Sometimes I had to cross the creek jumping from stone to stone. Every so often I pop out of the park into some local neighborhood. Depending on how tired I am I either head home on the local roads or I turn around and head back into the maze of trails. Today I found a neat trail that wandered back and forth in the shade. Finally I headed back home covered in sweat. It was straining on my sore ankle, but I hope that running trails will help strengthen it. In any case I’ve been enjoying this for the past three weeks.

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