This American Life

I live vicariously through my children. It’s not that being one of their parents that I haven’t spent my dues and taught them things. That was my job, and frankly I think I was damn good at it. But after it was all over and they were grown up that is not what amazed me, instead it was that they taught me so many things and have made my life richer and broader. It was several years ago that one of Justin’s friends, Jean F., would blog about “This American Life”, an public radio program. Although I tried at the time to download some of the episodes from the web it was only when I received an iPod as a present that I truly started listening. Now when I download any new podcasts to my iPod from iTunes, it is the first one I listen to. It’s my “virtual running buddies” when I exercise the morning. For 60 minutes I get lost in the stories and vignettes. I rarely donate to public radio, but I have donated to “This American Life”. So tonight I went to our local movie theater to see a limited video broadcast of “This American Life”. I enjoyed seeing the face behind the voice of Ira Glass. The stories were so typical yet it was unusual to be sitting (not running) in a audience of over 100 people (not by myself) watching a performance (not listening to my iPod). In any case thank you Jean and especially Justin for enriching me.

3 Responses to “This American Life”

  1. LSL says:

    Great to hear that you were there tonight as well! I adore TAL and just loved the show tonight. Dan Savage’s piece brought me to tears. I just loved it.

  2. justin says:

    Ha, you’re welcome.

  3. Bri says:

    LSL, glad to hear you too made it. Oh, on May 28th I’m going to WWDTM here in Austin. Stop by… I’ll be in row E. Just kidding!

    Justin, you’re welcome back.