Past Year 2007

Here is my summary of my blogging over the past year. Two themes that happen day-to-day without any specific posts are my work and my running.

  • January – Quiet house so I need to find things to do. Hmmm, what to do, what to do…
  • February – Repaired hot-water heater and house fence w/ Matthew, and completed my 5th marathon.
  • March – Had colonoscopy and volunteered at Robofest tournament.
  • April – Got PS3 and monitor at work which was a nice improvement.
  • May – Found that PS3 game Resistance: The Fall of Man was a bore for me. Hmmm, am I too old for this?
  • June – My father’s birthday party in Buffalo with my family staying at a great Bed and Breakfast in East Aurora was wonderful. A true highlight.
  • July – nothing much to report, stopped blogging for a while.
  • August – ditto
  • September – Started sorting Lego blocks back into kits, also starting building life-size rubberband car for Austin Maker Faire. Started running class for February 2008 marathon.
  • October – Showed rubberband car at Austin Maker Faire w/ Annelle and Mike. Another true highlight.
  • November – Continued sorting Lego blocks back into kits.
  • December – On a month long vacation, helped Matthew clean, paint, and improve his new home, finished sorting Lego blocks back into kits, volunteered at First Lego League (FLL) tournament, had Christmas fun with family and friends. My final true highlight.

Bottom line is that I feel that I’m a person who does very little over an entire year’s timeframe – or I just don’t post about it. I think the latter is more true.

One Response to “Past Year 2007”

  1. Katie says:

    dad, it is February you need to post something, like i am still alive. As you always say to me ‘a sentence will do.’ so get to writing.