Friends in town 2

We arrived at the Austin Maker Faire at the Travis County Exposition Center at about 9 AM for setup. Within about 1 1/2 hours we had put together three tables, and decorated them. We positioned the big car out front.

We came back home for lunch. On the way back home from Maker Faire I phoned SegCity and made a reservation for a tour of Austin on Segway HTs. At 2:30 we arrived at SegCity, met the 6 other people taking the tour, and our guide, Alexa. We saw a safety video, took a short course on the unit (balancing, turning in place, and negotiating a figure eight around two cones) then we were off on the tour – whee!. For the next 2 or more hours we toured downtown Austin including the City Hall, and the Texas Capital.
By the end we were exhausted especially Kathy who had a small spill on the Segway. [Also maybe we should have remembered that for the next two days we’d be on our feet about 8 hours each day – oops] But tired legs didn’t stop us from enjoying BBQ at Rudy’s

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sorry I missed you at Maker Faire! I did stop by on Friday but am glad you made it out to do some sight seeing. The Roomba-painting makers from Iowa next to you were a lot of fun, too. Hope you had a great time.

    -Terrie (former coworker of Justin)