A programming milestone

Since last month I’ve been developing some programming at work and yesterday my partner and I reached a milestone of successfully getting the first test case to operate. This test program was a simple query, but it took a slice through the entire system to accomplish its task. Now that a single path works we can add more capability and continue to broaden it. Today another person in our group joined our development team. It was fun telling them all about the software and how it was designed and organized. It made me feel good that the design was clean, and I was able to show it and explain it relatively easily. Their questions were good and it showed that they were beginning to understand what it was all about. We’ll continue tomorrow going into it in further depth. Then they’ll be given their own programming assignment to do and I can see how they do as a further confirmation of how much they understand. I’m looking forward to their help since almost everything has been on my shoulders and I’ve been assigned other things to do, such as, design documentation. But now that we have a simple prototype actually working so documenting the design will be a piece of cake.

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