New couch lizard

We just got two new couches (a sofa and a loveseat). The old stuff was broken down, falling apart, showing wear, and just plain ucky. We shopped around and found some nice ones at Norwalk Furniture. We choose a navy blue fabric. As we were choosing this fabric we also found another one that had a nice small pattern, but just not right for the couches. So we also had a wing chair that was showing a lot of wear, and we thought this pattern would look great on it. We asked the people at the furniture showroom for names of upholsterers, and had it done too.

Now everything has arrived and it looks swell. However, this morning as I was dressing Kathy yelled for me to come quickly because something was in the sofa. A small (2 1/2 inch) lizard had wedged itself in the back of the sofa. As Kathy trapped it with an empty peanut butter jar she accidentally caught its tail under the jar edge and cut it off. The detached tail continued to wiggle for seconds, which totally grossed out Kathy. I dumped the lizard out in the backyard. Now Kathy is spooked that there are more lizards in the new couch. And I’m not helping the situation either – like typing up this “de-tailed” account of what took place – giggle, giggle 🙂

2 Responses to “New couch lizard”

  1. Katie says:

    It reminds me like the rat/mice fiasco(sp?) including the old moview called “willard” when justin was a baby….you should tell that story.

  2. Bri says:

    Ahh, now that’s a story. I’ll have to ponder how to do that one. I see this blog to be a mix of present and past, and mostly the truth or the best that I can remember.