Mouse in a christmas tree

I was reminded of this past event on my previous posting…

Just after my eldest son, Justin, was born in December I went out and purchased a Christmas tree for the holidays. When I got home I unloaded it by the garage. I found that it had a bird’s nest in it. Somewhere I remember someone telling me that this was a lucky omen. In addition there was a nest of milkweed seeds. It was a second lucky omen. As I looked at this softball-sized soft fluffy white bundle a field mouse popped out of it and ran into the grass. I told Kathy, but I paid it no further mention.

This was our first home. It was a raised ranch. The basement and garage were downstairs. The basement was unfinished and the insulation was exposed. The living areas, our bedroom, and Justin’s room were upstairs. It was very cold that winter in New York, and few weeks later I noticed droppings in the insulation downstairs. That little mouse had found its way into the house. I didn’t mention anything to Kathy.

Then one night when Kathy and I were carrying Justin down the hall to bed that little beast was scurrying ahead of us. Kathy shrieked and held Justin close to her. I chased after it, but lost sight of it, and it disappeared. In my typical sarcastic joking manner I said, “Don’t worry honey it won’t eat Justin’s eye’s out”. Well, Kathy burst into tears. All she could picture was that horror movie “Williard”. I felt terrible. That night Justin slept in our bedroom with towels sealing the crack under the door. I learned that there are some things that one shouldn’t joke about, and this was one of them.

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