Hair where ya don’t want it

The aging process is sometimes so strange. After the age of 50 your hair begins to grow in new places. Twisty, curly, out of control filaments sprouts when and where they’re unexpected. Not just thin, light, well-formed hairs, but thicker, black, deformed ones. I need to know just what genes are playing this joke on me. My eyebrows have become exploding bursts of hair. My shaver’s auxiliary cutter and my scissors work regularly to make them behave. Yet it’s not just external surfaces, but one’s little cranial orifices. Nose hair needs to be constantly controlled. I need a “Roto-Rooter” for those despised hard-to-reach bristles. And my ears, oh God why my ears, erupt with new sporatic growth. My new best friend is the tweezer – a perfectly wonderful tool.

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