Conflict and caring

p1: “You can’t just stand there and let them do it”

p2: “Who says I can’t”

p1: “The law for one, it’s just not right”

p2: “Aww, give it a rest, don’t whimp out on me.”

p1: “I’m not, I’m on your side”

p2: “You’re such a dork”

p1: “Now look I don’t deserve that”

p2: “But you are, you know it”

p1: “Regardless, don’t shove it in my face”

p2: “OK, OK, relax, calm down”

p1: “I’m calm, I’m calm, you’re the one whose gotta go stop ’em”

p2: “I’ll do it, but they’re not gonna like it”

p1: “Then do it”

p2: “Alright, geez, you’re pushy”

p1: “Yeah, but that’s what you love about me”

p2: “Shush, they might hear”

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