Antsy kid

I was an antsy kid growing up. It’s not that I couldn’t sit still, but anything that suggested waiting patiently I didn’t want to do. For example, each year my family would take vacations to a nearby state park, Letchworth State Park. We would rent a cabin and stay there for two weeks each summer. Sometime during that week, my father and possibly my brother would go fishing at Silver Lake. I never wanted to. Sitting still in a boat for hours was not my idea of fun. I had to see things, explore around the cabin, do anything else than sit still. Oh, and there was lots to do around Letchwork, because of the deep gorges to climb – yet it made my mother a nervous wreck. I found what most people consider a relaxing vacation to be pure boredom for me. Instead I wanted vacations that would make me think, show me new things, and teach me stuff. I now wonder if I maybe have had a mild case of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). But then again, I could have been just be a kid, a normal, but slightly antsy kid.

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