Hi Cindy,

Well I tried to do what you asked. That ucky ol’ Far West hill though took the stuffin’ out of me. Maybe next time we can meet down-low at the Baseball fields on Great Northern and start by running up Steck thereby making us run slower at the start, then run around our typical loops up near Mesa, and finally finish by coming screamin’ down Far West back to the baseball field. Now that would be the right way to use those hills.

So here is the breakdown of my miles from my Garmin… And remember I got lost during mile 4 looking for Greenlawn – sheesh!

Mile Pace
1 11:29
2 11:19
3 10:50
4 10:19
5 10:03
6 10:10
7 10:13
8 09:21
9 09:04 (short, only 0.21)

Overall, I attempted to do it. and until mile 6 & 7 (on that nasty nasty Far West hill) I should be commended (I think) although I finished too fast and should have pulled back on the gas when I got to Mesa for the last mile. Oh, and I appreciate your comment that my form looked better yesterday – That makes we feel better after that person complemented me on my speed walking [on the time trial day].


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