Wednesday morning class – a new member

Hi Cynthia,

I will be joining your Austin Marathon training group on Wednesday morning. I know I’m a bit late in starting, but I was on vacation until now. I’m a average gray-haired old guy who likes to run. Also over the past few years I’ve had some issues and have gained some weight. As a result I continue to get slower and slower, but that’s the cycle-of-life. I’ve been running 3 miles per weekday and 10 miles on the weekend. So my goal is to get some exercise and to lose some weight. Although I’ve run a marathon before I consider myself just a beginner. In other words I have no pace or time requirement – just to complete is good enough. I hope this helps you get to know me a bit.

See you this Saturday at 7 AM downtown for my first long run and on each Wednesday mornings at 5:30 AM at Anderson High School track for the work out.

Brian “Bri” Watt

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