Weight Exercises

I have been working with my static weights [PowerBlock Personal The Block] to build my core (central body) strength. The goal is not to be muscular (ha ha, no way would that ever happen anyways), but to build strength to help my running. I do “high” 30 repetitions with a single “light” 20 lb weight [base plus three ‘blocks’] for each of the following:

  1. Standing – Bend forward (hold in front, bend forward 90 degree angle & straighten). This is the second hardest one.
  2. Standing – Bend right (hold on right side, bend right & straighten)
  3. Standing – Bend left (hold on left, bend left & straighten)
  4. Standing – Bend backward (hold behind back, bend back & straigthen)
  5. Standing – Twist right (hug weight, rotate 90 degrees to the right & return)
  6. Standing – Twist left (hug weight, rotate 90 degrees to the left & return)
  7. Standing – Push up on toes
  8. Standing – Squat (weight touches floor & stand up). This is the hardest one.
  9. Laying down – Sit-ups – (hold against chin, count double 1 up, 1 hold & return)

So this is what I mean when I mark “W” (for weights) on my running log.

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