Time trial

On Tuesday it was dark, cold and pouring rain, but we still had to run our time trial. I arrived and stood listening to the coach in the storm, but finally I took off to warm-up before he was done. I was shivering, wet, and uncomfortable. I hope I didn’t miss much. After 2 miles I arrived at the track and started the time trial. Eight laps around the track. Last week due to circumstances beyond my control and Thanksgiving I didn’t run much. Now this week with the time trial I needed to push it. I did my best and finished in 14:59:25 which is 7:30/mile. I wish I could have run faster. Working with the McMillan online calculator it says I should be able to complete the marathon in 3:57 or 9:04/mile. This is a positive sign. The day after the time trial I did my morning exercises (I’ve started doing some core strength training and some trigger point massages each morning). I noticed that I was quite sore especially in my hamstrings. I think that having to do a time trial without any track speed work was a mistake – our bodies aren’t ready for this intensity. Then to position it after a holiday was another mistake. Rogue what were you thinking? Right now I’m taking Aleve to help with the soreness, and I’m worried about running Decker this weekend. Why you ask? Well because Decker is my nemesis. It seems to happen just when I’m hurt.

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