Marshes class

I arrived early to stretch following the exercises we’ve been taught this year. After last week’s issue I took off and ran about 1/2 mile to loosen up hoping it would help. However again my right front ankle muscle tightened up when the class began running to the start of the Marshes. I could feel my foot making a flopping sound as it hit the ground awkwardly and unevenly. I had tried to do what I could beforehand to loosen up, but that didn’t seem to work. Regardless I ran the Marshes x 2 as required. I pushed it as I ran maybe a little too hard because I was frustrated with myself and my ankle. I got it done. There were a few times in the pitch dark that my foot scuffed the road and I feared that I might trip, fall, and do a face plant. The entire time I felt uncoordinated. Maybe I was trying too hard. I was worried that I’d be injured the next day. So on Wednesday I had to run 6 miles. It was quite cool and in the 30s so I wore tights, a first for this season. I ran the trail just north of the house around Wells Branch. For some reason this time I was not tight or sore. I wasn’t breathing hard. I was just cruisin’ along feelin’ good. Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometime you don’t. I just wish I could predict when things like this happen or won’t. P.S. I ordered a TriggerPoint Technologies “Total Body Package w/Book & DVD” tonight

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