Mt Bonnell long run

We started at about 7 AM on our 16 mile Mt. Bonnell long run. The weather was cool (about 50 degrees). I thought I had over dressed, but at the end I was glad I did – It kept me warm. I headed out with a bunch of people that included Terry, Richard, Nadia, and Terry’s friend Keith. However, as we ran the trail I again went out ahead, and was by myself for most of it. I don’t think I’m following my own comments from my last long run. I enjoy running with others, and what do I do – I go off by myself. I got to the top of Mt. Bonnell and Terry and Richard were about a minute behind me. I challenged them to catch me if they can. Well they could and they caught up with me at Mopac with about 5 miles to go. However, I again kept up my intense pace and again ran on ahead of them. I need to stay with the group. When we got to I-35 Keith was right behind me. I had heard his footsteps, but didn’t know who it was. Terry and Richard were farther behind. I was toast and Keith went on ahead, and I labored the last mile on very stiff legs to complete in 2:37:42. Keith has a Garmin and said it was 17.25 miles [not 16!]. This meant I ran at a 9:08 pace which included all my stops and the HILLS. Did I mention the hills!

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