Bastrop long run

I got up real early at 5 AM and drove 45-minutes to Matthew’s to run with him today. He plotted out a 7 mile route starting out at his work. The weather was great – clear, sunny, and 40 degrees Fahrenheit. I brought my old Timex GPS with me to get pace and distance. The sun had just risen as we started out so no need for lights or blinkies. We ran a course that went into the countryside and included sights of horses, cattle, goats, and barking dogs. For the most part the course was flat. We ran 7.4 miles in 75 minutes while chatting to help pass the time. [Although I was supposed to run 10 miles this week this distance was just fine] Our pace was about 10 minutes per mile. Here is the data recorder of our pace.

Select to see larger image
After arriving back to his house and changing, Beth, Matthew and I headed off for an 8:30 AM soccer game with his Under-4 team that he is helping to coach with a friend from work. Although their team lost, the children had fun. This was the last game of the season so afterwards one of the parents invited everyone back to their home for breakfast. Good food, good people, and good talk made for a good time. I especially enjoyed watching the children since it’s been years since my little ones were their size. I headed back home and arrived around noon. A very nice morning if I say so myself.

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