For 18.6 miles you too can get one of these

For 18.6 miles you too can get one of these.

WOOHOO! I like medals. I like shiny medals. WOOHOO!

Today Chris L. and I ran the ARA 30K together. This is the fourth race in the Austin Distance Challenge. The weather was great (overcast and in the low 60s). Since this was a very hilly race we had decided beforehand to do it slow and steady – and we did. We had been warned that this course could hurt us. So we felt no remorse walking the hills at the beginning and at the end. See the elevation map at the bottom.

The middle of the course (miles 6-15) was quite nice and the scenery was good (consisting of hills, scrub brush, and multi million dollar homes). Also because we were going slow enough we could even look at the scenery and enjoy it. Chris and I stuck together and chatted through the entire thing. At times we also ran with another running buddy of mine, Ed C. Ed was “slum”ing by running with us since he’s running the Houston Marathon next week for a 3:30 time. He said he wanted to run with someone slow so he chose us. Ugh! I know we’re slow, but he didn’t need to tell us that. In any case we finished together comfortably in about 3:32. Overall the course was hard if you were racing, but for those of us at the very back of the pack going slowly I think it was a good run and not as foreboding as previously warned. So we survived – quite well as a matter of fact.

Update: Here are the splits
Mile – Time
01 – 10:49
02 – 10:55
03 – 10:48
04 – 10:38
05 – 10:32
06 – 11:24
07 – 10:43
08 – 10:14
09 – 11:14
10 – 09:59
11 – 10:59
12 – 11:08
13 – 10:45
14 – 11:08
15 – 10:57
16 – 13:21
17 – 12:48
18 – 15:46
30K- 07:26

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