Scenic long run

The morning started out cold and with dread on my part. I wasn’t looking forward to this run all alone. All week long I’ve felt slow and sluggish in my daily runs. I brought my iPod to keep me company. We started from the RunTex Annex at about 7 AM. I left in one of the first groups, but was soon passed by most everyone. Along Lake Austin Blvd I saw Heather go by and disappear into the distance. I wanted to keep up with her, but I just couldn’t. I just shuffled along. My right ankle was numb and as a result my right foot was striking too hard. We came to the first water stop after Lake Austin Blvd, and there I met Chris. He said he had arrived late and everyone had already left. I was so glad to see him. We agreed to take it easy together. After the stop the feeling returned to my ankle. We went through Scenic to 35th up Shoal Creek to the turn around near Great Northern. Next we headed back downtown, and arrived back at the Annex stiff and tired after about 3 hours. The last tenth of a mile we even agreed to speed it up and we hoofed it to the end of the bridge. All told it was a good run, and so so much better when you have a wing-man/running-buddy. Thanks Chris.

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