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I signed up for the RunTex 30K today. This will be a very tough “race” that I just hope that I’ll be able to finish. I don’t plan on racing, only treating it as a long run. The course is in south Austin and is very hilly. The Rogue coaches are worried that we’ll hurt ourselves doing it so they have an alternative flat MGP run that day in Georgetown. They have also an alternative distance challenge as a result of this. However I want to complete the Austin Distance Challenge and not the Rogue Distance Challenge so I signed up for the RunTex 30k. Wish me luck since I’m going to need it.

Update: From one of my other classmates:

Hi, Team,

I just got finished biking the route for the ARA 30K. I was planning on running it, but no more. It’s really a hellish route all the way through, including three rather “insulting” hills in the last 3 miles. I’m really kind of miffed that someone would put together such a dumb and brutal route for such an important leg of the Distance Challenge, causing all of us to either risk disspiritment, at best, or injury, at worst, on the way to our actual goal of marathon. It just doesn’t make sense.

I really appreciate Rogue serving up the Georgetown option. Hope to see ya’ll there!


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  1. Good Luck. I’m sure you’ll survive.

    For me, I am doing the Rogue Saturday run, but only so I can get to Bandera in the afternoon to volunteer at Crossroads aid station again.

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