Hills to Heaven long run – note to my running buddies


Well I finished, but it wasn’t pretty. I’m sore now especially my knees. Tomorrow I have to be on my feet all day (volunteered to help at a Lego robotics competition at Round Rock High School). Hopefully that should be fun – maybe I can find a chair and do my job from a sitting position – ha ha ha yeah right. In any case, I should have stuck with you all. I don’t know what got into me. Each time I either waited or caught up to you I somehow kept pushing and ran out ahead and shouldn’t have. Where did you go Glenn? Being alone made the run even longer. No talk, no companions – just my freakin’ thoughts to keep me company – and those were not very positive for the second half death march. I missed you all very much today. I walked most of Ladera Norte, and I’m glad that the hills were much smaller after that – sheesh I know that Rogue loves hills, but enough already. So I was dragging at the end and just wanted it over. Got to the park in 2:56. It was only 16 miles and I can’t even think about doing 18. The high point was getting to Celeste’s home, seeing her, meeting her hubby Matt, and the kids especially Zack, and getting a bottle of water from the mail box then heading out. I carried that bottle from there to the end. It was very much appreciated – thank you very much Celeste, that was special.


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