Bay to Breakers

Well, well, well, my sweet son, Justin, sent me e-mail over a month ago and suggested that I travel to San Francisco to run the Bay to Breakers 12K. So I looked at it for about 1 minute and said no way. No time, no money and I haven’t run a race since the Cap 10K. So about two days ago he sent me another e-mail about the race. This time it included possible flight times. I responded by asking if he would join me, and he replied yes. Well I though that would be fun. So I checked to see if my frequent flyer would be available on such short notice. Darn, it wasn’t. So a told him it wasn’t going to happen. And did you know what he did… he bought me a ticket. Yup, an airline ticket to come and visit him and to run with him. How very nice. In return I registered us for the race and paid the entry fees. Today at work I told my manager that I’d be taking vacation next week. How sweet is that. A neat break to see my son. Oh and I’ll also be seeing his sweetie, Stephanie too, a double treat. We’ll do this one together – nice and slow and easy especially up the enormous hill. I’m very much looking forward to it.

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