Town Lake long run

I thoroughly enjoy Town Lake. It must be the natural setting of the trail as opposed to city streets. In any case I started out slow. I was thinking that this was my fate and I must accept it. I stayed with a few of the slower people at the back of the pack. However at about 2 miles into the 10 miles I passed them and ran to catch up with the next cluster of runners about 400 yards ahead. I caught them at the 3 mile water stop. So I began again to reel in the next group ahead of me, and caught them at the 5 mile water stop. At about 6 miles I saw Sadie, Belle, and Clarence ahead and slowly caught up to them. I was no longer running easy, but I also wasn’t over-my-head. So I stayed with Sadie and Clarence until the Mopac bridge and then to the end. It felt good to run like that – to let it out. I thanked them for letting me chase them. I complete the 10 miles in 1:35 or about 9:30/M. It felt good.

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