“Crestview” long run

Nothing to say other than I did it. It’s been two weeks and the 16 miles are far behind me especially in my memory. I ran by myself. All I remember is that around 8 instead of making a left turn I went straight ahead and was following this guy who I later realized was running the 18 mile route. About 1/2 mile into it he was far ahead and no one had passed me which I hadn’t expected. It was then I stopped, took out my map and figured out my mistake. After two rights and about another 1/2 mile I was back on the route. This means that I actually ran about 17 miles, however, someone said once we completed that the 16 miles was really 15.2 so I really did 16 miles. In any case, this run again emphasized that I have appreciably slowed-down.

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