Very tough morning run

I had to do: “Tempo run: 2 miles easy warmup, 4 miles at Half m goal pace, 1 mile cooldown”. Well I tried, but I didn’t do very well in my humble opinion. After about 5 miles I was just out of energy, and I had two more miles to go. Maybe it’s because I didn’t have breakfast beforehand, but then I don’t do this normally. Maybe it was the humidity since it was cloudy out. Whatever it was I had to stop and walk a few times. I never do that. My legs felt like logs. Heavy and stiff, and I just couldn’t catch my breath. When I got home I immediately went in and got a bottle of water and then finished it off. After stretching I was still wiped. I was almost dizzy. Sheesh! After breakfast, I noticed a 5″ puddle of sweat under my chair. Wow that’s never happened. Upstairs I weighed myself and I was down 6 pounds from 3 days ago which is more than I expected. Especially after chugging the water and eating breakfast. Next I took a shower. Yet while I was in it I didn’t feel well. My stomach was upset. Maybe it was all the water I chugged down. I don’t know, but I finally began to feel better after getting dressed for work. I just don’t know why today was so tough, but it was.

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