“Run from Hell” long run

I ran up and down the Westlake hills of Austin completing the 14.5 mile long run named “The Run from Hell” in 2:33. I have probably run this route over 5 times, and I like it even though it’s tough. I tried to take it slow and easy as my ankle is still recovering. Also I ran up and then down all the hills in the first two-thirds of the course, whereas many times in the past I’ve had to walk them, but when I got back on hilly Stratford I had decided to walk up the rest of them. Nevertheless I happy that I completed it. Afterwards I put an ice pack on my ankle to help reduce any swelling. Now I’m slow and gimpy since I haven’t run this far in months, but my ankle is OK with no major aches or pains which I’m thankful for.

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