The marshes in the heat

I don’t know what is wrong with me, but tonight was very very tough. The marshes run is a serpentine course nearby the main RunTex store. Up – across – up – across and so it goes. Each across is a mini-hill to make it even more fun. There are 12 across streets which are about 400 yards long. The across streets were to be run at 10K pace and the ups were recovery jogs.

However, by the time it’s evening I seem to have no energy. I barely found the effort to do this course but it was very daunting. We had to run it up, then down, then up again; in other words, we had to run it 1.5 times. What I mean is that I had to run the 12 across streets, get water, then run the return path back down the 12 across streets, get water, and then do it again up one more time. On the last 12 streets I kept promising myself that I could walk on the next street, but each time I found just enough energy to complete it. I had to dig deep to complete it.

When I was done I was dizzy. I think maybe it was because I didn’t have any food since lunch. I don’t know, but it was scary. Oh one other thing, my ankle is still there and that bothered me too. But mostly it was my struggling to breathe, and my total exhaustion that was so tough tonight.

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