Stehekin zero day

Labor Day and the Post Office is closed. I can’t get my resupply until Tuesday at 10 AM. Then I can’t get on trail until the bus leaves at 11:15 AM and arrives at the trail at 12:15 PM. This means a short hiking day and I’m trying my best to get to Katie at the trail’s northern terminus on 9/6 at 3:30 PM. Wish me luck and happy feet!



Agnes river crossing by log

This log looks short because of the foreshortening. But it was about 60-100 feet long and as wide as a sidewalk. They built a walk up to it with river rocks. The roots were probably manicured to form a “V” to climb through. Although I shuffled across the log due to my limited balance, it was a fun obstacle to surmount.


Dinsmore’s Hiker Haven

At Steven’s Pass I hitched 16-miles to the Dinsmore’s Hiker Haven. As each hiker passes through their home the hiker’s picture is taken and posted. Here is mine which was taken by Andrea as I was talking to Jerry. We were chatting about what to do about the upcoming Labor Day holiday and the closure of the post office in Stehekin.


Rock jumbles

You can’t see them in this picture, but I just descended down this massive rock jumble using switchback after switchback. So far the Cascades are full of both: switchbacks and rock jumbles. Also the climbs and descents are steeper and more often.