Monthly Archives: July 2014

State of the body: Numb fingers

For several weeks I have been having numb fingers on both hands in the morning. It is especially bad on cold mornings. It happened while Justin and I were hiking weeks ago and even before that. It has even woken me up with the tingling occurring at night. I’ve found if I lay flat on my back and put my hands to my sides that it subsides, but I’m a side sleeper so that doesn’t solve the problem. I think it is related to always hiking with poles and maybe gripping them to tightly. However I have to have poles because my balance is so bad. it. As I begin to hike and I get warmed up then it slowly dissipates.


Update: I tried hiking without poles and the numbness is reduced however my hands swell up.

Hoofing it to Old Station

I looked at the map yesterday while at mile 1354 and was planning to go to 1374, but I saw that Old Station was only 3 more miles. Instead of then waIting for the Post Office to open maybe I could catch it before it closed. So that is what I did. I started at 5:30 AM and needed to do 23 miles before 4:30 PM. I did 20 miles as fast as I could and completed it in only 7 hours – a new speed record for me. So I did all 23 miles with time to spare.


Hot, hot, hot

The July Fourth weekend is upon us and the weather has gotten very hot. Here is the crisp dry grass of the Hat Creek Rim and the shadeless trail as it proceeds ever northward. I quickly resupplied in the Town of Burney then immediately got back on trail to get to Burney Falls State Park for the night. There I got a shower, but had to dry off without a towel. Also I switched to new undies. My clothes have not been washed since South Lake Tahoe and are absolutely filthy. However there hadn’t been an easy opportunity to do them yet.


A new hiker friend

A few days ago as I hoofed it quickly to Old Station I met a hiker. His trail name was “Nobody’s Friend”. We chatted for a few minutes, but I had to get going so off I went. Then two days ago as I was going into Burney for my resupply I again met “Nobody’s Friend” as he was returning from Burney and his resupply. Later that day I arrived at Burney Falls State Park only to find “Nobody’s Friend” camping there. We spent several hours talking before it got dark and we went to our tents. The next day I headed out early while “Nobody’s Friend” was packing up. At the end of the day I found a campsite and set up my tent. A bit later “Nobody’s Friend” arrived and we camped together. Today we agreed to do the same distance and camp together again. He’s a very nice guy and we have things in common, for example, our age.

Here is a selfie with “Nobody’s Friend”.


State of the body: Feet

Sheesh! What is happening to my poor left foot. My feet are so important on this hike. It started on the very long descent into Belden. I got a blister on the outside of my left heel. Then a few days ago I noticed a blister on the top of my left big toe. Maybe this was from the gaiter’s hook. Then tonight I crossed my legs and the heel of my shoe opened an old scab on my left ankle. I’ve got bandages and antibiotic ointment on them all. Sheesh!