Resupply in Ashland with Christy and Marcus

“Friend” and I arrived about 9 AM on Friday 7/18 in Ashland and headed for Callahan’s on Interstate 5 where we had a big breakfast and waited for Christy and Marcus to arrive. After we all finished stuffing ourselves we drove into Ashland and dropped off “Friend” at the Post Office. He would later find his way to the Hostel and then to stores to shop and ship his resupplies before the PO closed for the weekend. I headed home with C&M. Talk, more talk, shower, change of clothes, lunch, haircut, and then dinner out ensued.

On Saturday 7/19 I took a zero day, my sixth, and we had breakfast out. I planned my next 13 days and phoned Matthew and Justin so they would know how Matthew could meet me in Sisters OR on 8/1. Now I just have to execute my plan. The stumbling block is the lack of campsites on the trail at my daily 20 mileage completion distance which might make me go further and arrive earlier. I’ll do my best to make it on 8/1. Then it was time to do my resupply with the food Kathy and Katie shipped here. With a few additional purchases I prepared 5+ days of food. [As Marcus and I were doing errands we saw a hiker walking down the road and stopped to help him and we learned it was Snail Trainer, who I know well, who had just arrived in town. We got him to the Hostel but it was full so we dropped him off at a local campground] After doing a few miscellaneous chores, like putting Velcro for my gaiters on my shoes, I was done and we went out for BBQ. It is so nice to have family here and a place to relax.

So on Sunday 7/20 early early early we’ll go pick up “Friend” at the Hostel at 5 AM and then we’ll drive out and be back on the trail heading for Crater Lake.



Looking at myself in the mirror today I’ve lost a lot of weight. I look like a starving victim from a prisoner of war camp. My ribs are showing along with my hip bones. I need to get more calories. So while in Ashland I got a triple scoop with nuts. Yum!


Nice new shoes

I threw out the “holely” pair of shoes and replaced them with a nice new pair. Now all I have to do is attach my “dog tag”, and attach Velcro for my gaiters and I’m ready to go hiking! These should last me through Oregon.


Sad old shoes

Here is what happens to Brooks Cascadias after hiking in them from mile 942 to 1727 – holes, holes, and more holes that let in dirt, rocks, pebbles, sticks, and twigs. Note: those aren’t my toes, but my fingers sticking out through the holes.


Accomplishment: California is done

Today I left California behind. After 3 months and 1 day I am now in Oregon. I signed the trail register, took off my pack, took out my phone, powered it on, took two pictures, powered down my phone (remember I have no charger), put my phone away, got on my pack, and began to hike now into Oregon. Next stop is Ashland and a stop at Christy & Marcus vacation home. Also I’ll be taking a much needed zero day. So much to look forward to.



State of the body: Feet

Sheesh! What is happening to my poor left foot. My feet are so important on this hike. It started on the very long descent into Belden. I got a blister on the outside of my left heel. Then a few days ago I noticed a blister on the top of my left big toe. Maybe this was from the gaiter’s hook. Then tonight I crossed my legs and the heel of my shoe opened an old scab on my left ankle. I’ve got bandages and antibiotic ointment on them all. Sheesh!


A new hiker friend

A few days ago as I hoofed it quickly to Old Station I met a hiker. His trail name was “Friend”. We chatted for a few minutes, but I had to get going so off I went. Then two days ago as I was going into Burney for my resupply I again met “Friend” as he was returning from Burney and his resupply. Later that day I arrived at Burney Falls State Park only to find “Friend” camping there. We spent several hours talking before it got dark and we went to our tents. The next day I headed out early while “Friend” was packing up. At the end of the day I found a campsite and set up my tent. A bit later “Friend” arrived and we camped together. Today we agreed to do the same distance and camp together again. He’s a very nice guy and we have things in common, for example, our age.

Here is a selfie with “Friend”.