In the past my plan was a resupply plan showing where I’d get off trail, hike or hitch-hike to a town, buy food and supplies, and return to where I have left off. This new plan is a meet-up plan showing where my son and I will meet, give me resupplies, let me take a shower, share a dinner and overnight camp (if possible). It’s quite different than anything I’ve done during my past thru-hikes. As a result I’m planning on meeting him every 2-3 days where possible. There is only one spot where he’ll be unmeetable for over 5 days. Note: The GutHooks SOBO miles are links to Google Maps GPS coordinates of the meet up locations.

This is my 2020 SOBO CDT Section Hike meet-up plan: CDT SOBO Plan

2016 CDT Hike

This is my NOBO CDT resupply plan: CDT NOBO Plan