Scared out of my mind

In my hotel room I unloaded my pack and made sure I have everything. Then I filled up my two Platypus water bags with 5L and my two front bottles with 1.4L. That’s 14 pounds of water. My pack is so heavy and big that I’m freaking out. The first day is always the hardest, but I’m very worried especially about my right heel. All I can do is try…

Econo Lodge

At about 4:20 PM the train pulled into Lordsburg. No station, just a road crossing. Thanks to Google Maps I walked about 20 minutes and TA-DA I’m now checked in to the Econo Lodge. So after a disrupted start I’m now back on schedule. Just as I got here I met Radar who is Peru’s friend and he said I was the ONLY person on the shuttle tomorrow at 6:30 AM. Although he drove today he was hoping that he wouldn’t tomorrow. Oh, and the weather is about 70 degrees Fahrenheit and cloudy. Great hiking weather.

Sleep and a new day

I boarded the train at about 12 midnight. My Roomette is about 4×10 feet and Brian, the steward, converted it into a bed. Within minutes I undressed and laid down. I slept and was awoken as the train got underway. The car jiggled and swayed as I slept and woke. I could see light coming through my drawn curtains. I looked at my phone to see it was 7 AM. I got up. Meals are included and I had a Continental Breakfast. I sat with a couple and another man who chatted about how expensive it was living in California and who had moved to a small town in Texas. Pleasant light conversation helped make the meal enjoyable. Now I’m back in my Roomette which had been converted to seats. It’s nice to sit and stare out the window watching the world pass by. Desert, scrub brush, sand, hills all pass by. Only a few more hours until Lordsburg and the next step on my journey.

Waiting for the train

So I’m killing time at the San Antonio train station. I’m killing a lot of time. I’ve just killed 1 hour. Only 10 more to go. The only positive thing to look forward to is that I’ve reserved a Roomette. Whatever that is. Maybe it’ll have a bed. Any bed will do. I’m not picky. But I’ll only have it from 2:45 AM to try to sleep so it might be a short lived luxury. Time will tell. Oh, have I told you that I now have on 9 hours and 45 minutes. I can’t wait. Actually I can wait. I must wait. I will wait. Sigh!