Daily Log: Day 66

Meetup: Day 66 – Wednesday 9/16/2020 – 2265.4 – some clouds, sunny, warm. Sheesh, I can’t sleep in. I was up at 5 am. I packed up and was on trail at 5:45 am. Nowadays it is very dark out when I start to hike so used my headlamp for 45 min until dawn. Today was a very long but gentle climb. I went across wide grassy swaths. While hiking I stopped for snacks, and lunch. It’s the little things. I find it amazing that I’m out here in the middle of nowhere eating my lunch. I only had about 4 miles to go. I had been listening to Infidel audio book, I finished it and then moved on to 14 Minutes audio book about Alberto Salazar, the famous runner. I got to Justin about 2 pm – early afternoon. We chatted but we were both quiet. He hadn’t done or seen much today. He arrived early in the morning and did some writing. He also talked to some other people who were at the trailhead. After I arrived he drove me back to the camping area about a mile away. I set up my tent and did my chores for tomorrow. We had pancakes and bacon for dinner. Sugar high! He’ll have to wake early to drive me back to the trailhead. I only have about 50 miles to go. So close now. Only three days left.

Middle Canjilon Campground is funny looking when seen on Satellite view.

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