Daily Log: Day 65

Meetup: Day 65 – Tuesday 9/15/2020 – 2284.4 – clear, sunny, hot, windy and threatening clouds at end. I woke late at 5:25 am and rushed to pack up. I was on trail at 6:07 am. First thing was 3.7 mile climb to the top of the mesa. Then it was miles of walking on the edge of the mesa. The trail was confusing at times and I hand held my phone as I struggled to find the trail. Several times I was off trail and finally realized that I just needed to stay on the edge of the mesa. I descended and crossed Highway 84. I couldn’t find a gate. I had to climb under a barb wire fence on the other side of the road. I conserved water and used my platypus for the first two morning snacks. At lunch I guzzled my 0.7L bottle and another at my afternoon snack. I finished the day’s hike about 3:30 pm. At the Jeep I downed a number of cans of soda. Justin cooked pork tacos for dinner. I finished with a mini pecan pie, some cookies and tootsie roll pops for dessert. Overall it was a good day. Only have about 70 miles to go. It really looks like I’m gonna do this long ass section after all. Yippee! Tomorrow I’ll meet Justin at a road crossing and he’s going to drive me to a campground that’s 0.8 miles away.

Panoramic picture as sunrise lights up the distant mesas.
High on the edge of a mesa looking out as sunrise crawls across the geography below.
Setting up my tent beside an isolated forest road. (Photograph Courtesy of J. Watt)
Time for bed. Only a few more days, a few more meetups, a few more dinners, and few more hikes. (Photograph Courtesy of J. Watt)

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