Up high

The trail is getting higher. I’m typically over 10,000 feet above sea level. For someone from Austin TX I’m still not fully adjusted. It is especially difficult getting enough oxygen when climbing. There are times when I have to just stop and try to gulp in enough air.

Hiking in the sun

I’m getting absolutely burnt up with the relentless sun. As soon as the sun comes up I apply sun block. I apply it to my nose, cheeks, and hands. I reapply it every two hours. Everything else is pretty well covered. I always wear a cap or else I put up my umbrella. My nose is getting the brunt of it. When Justin met me today he said my nose was bleeding. I wear a nose strip at night to help me breathe. Somehow I had removed it and some skin too. It didn’t hurt. My dear Justin applied a bandage with Neosporin onto it. I’m trying. Really trying.