5/15 mile 292.3 Lots of ascents and descents

Well remember I said how yesterday was good because I was able to do 10 miles by 10 AM. Well today was the opposite. By 10 AM I had only done 6 miles. So many climbs all through the day. The ascents are so steep that I have to stop often to catch my breath. Note: I’m hiking at 8000-9000 feet above sea level. Then the descents require me to use my poles to slow myself down. At least I’m back on trail. I’m camping with One Pole tonight. Moxie went on another 3 miles to the next water source, but we were both too tired and have sufficient water to ‘dry’ camp here.

Also I’ve included a picture of this morning’s water source. Yup, a cow pond. And cows don’t remember not to poop in their water. So I filtered about 2 liters from here. Yummy!

2 thoughts on “5/15 mile 292.3 Lots of ascents and descents”

  1. Hi Brian, enjoying your very interesting trip. Scenery is so beautiful out there. Looking forward to the rocky mtn park area. We have been thru some of the park and anticipate seeing it from your perspective as a hiker. Best of luck in your continuing hiking. Marge

  2. We see you are approaching Pie Town. We stopped at “Pie-O-Rama” there and took pictures a couple of years ago. We wanted to buy a pie, but they are only open on certain days. Enjoy the metropolis!

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