Econo Lodge

At about 4:20 PM the train pulled into Lordsburg. No station, just a road crossing. Thanks to Google Maps I walked about 20 minutes and TA-DA I’m now checked in to the Econo Lodge. So after a disrupted start I’m now back on schedule. Just as I got here I met Radar who is Peru’s friend and he said I was the ONLY person on the shuttle tomorrow at 6:30 AM. Although he drove today he was hoping that he wouldn’t tomorrow. Oh, and the weather is about 70 degrees Fahrenheit and cloudy. Great hiking weather.

2 thoughts on “Econo Lodge”

  1. Enjoy the weather as you get started ! We’ve been having sloppy snow the last few days. But, I’m sure it will have completely warmed up and dried out by the time you reach this area.

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