Hot and sweaty

It’s mid-July and it’s hot and humid. My clothes get sweaty as I climb over and over. When I get to camp it’s too humid and they stay damp and sticky. Sometimes they dry a little, but many times I go to sleep in wet, moist clothes. Uncomfortable – yes. Today it’s a little cooler, but then it rained. So I still got wet. Luckily I’m in Dalton MA and got a motel room. With it I did my laundry and took a shower. You can’t believe how much better I feel afterwards. I also did a small resupply, because I’ll be climbing Mt. Greylock (2500′) and don’t need to be carrying too much food.

Above the clouds. Walking through an early morning pasture wet with dew. Your feet and legs get sopping wet as though you walked through an actual stream.
One thing no hiker realizes is that spider spin there webs across the trail. The first hikers get to run into them. They are not down low, but at head-level. I carry a handkerchief to wipe my face. One after another tickle my nose, and get in my eyes. Just another obstacle to accept and deal with each day on the trail.

4 thoughts on “Hot and sweaty

  1. Today July 22 on Mt. Washington it’s 50 degrees and the wind is only 2mph. As you make your way to the White Mountains and finally to Mt Washington, think about how cool it will be there. We last hiked in that area in about 2002 and found very windy cold weather. We stayed at Lake of the Clouds and a couple other huts along the trail. Hope you have some reservations for some of the huts.

  2. Mary thanks for the info. I just looked up Mt. Washington which is at mile 1859. So I’ve got time yet (I’m at mile 1571). However it’s good to know that one can reserve a space in a Hut.

  3. Brian great to hear that things are going well and I look forward to hearing all about this amazing experience when you are back.

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