1400 miles

Yippee, I’ve finished 1400 miles on 7/12. It is my 90th day on trail
This is for Mary. I found a trove of wild blueberries along the trail today. They were tasty, but my heart still loves raspberries
Yes another bridge picture. This one is the Bear Mountain Bridge over the Hudson River. In the front is Calamity, another thru-hiker. I walked carefully along the sidewalk since I’m afraid of heights

2 thoughts on “1400 miles

  1. Glad to hear you found blueberries.
    Bear Mountain Bridge YAY!! We hiked various parts of the Appalachian trail from Anthony’s Nose – up to where it crossed Route 55.
    If you like blackberries and happen to be near the Newburgh Beacon Bridge, there’s some nice big on the trail that goes from Hudson View apartments down to the river.
    Enjoy New York!

  2. I was so surprised when I opened your post and recognized the Bear Mt. Bridge. We were driving not far from there earlier today! Seems like you are making great progress, Brian. Continued success as you are moving closer to finishing.

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