High Point NJ

Striations on the rock from the grinding during the Ice Age
There are blueberries along the trail but they’re not ripe yet.
Somehow I caught a case of Poison Ivy on the left side of my right wrist and it itches like heck!
Another “Good Morning Sun”
New Jersey has some spectacular views.
Near High Point NJ, an obelisk.
Also new obstacles, a bog. Luckily the mosquitos weren’t bad here.

2 thoughts on “High Point NJ

  1. Cindy and I churned this ground not too long ago on our way to the high points of eleven northeastern states (Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massacusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine).

    Looks like you are having fun. I am now “itching” to get back on the trail.

    Ok then, Geoff Hambrick

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