Days in Rocks-a-lot

Climbing up to the Knife Edge. Each day I don’t know what I’ll encounter. In this case I didn’t expect this boulder field. But what’s a hiker going to do – give up, nope slowly make your way through each obstacle.
Up, up, up… Look for and follow the white blazes wherever they lead.
Across the Knife Edge!
It rainEd yesterday night. I climbed above the misty clouds. Good morning sun!
Crossing the Lehigh River and looking up knowing I’d soon be climbing up there. Little did I realize that a massive boulder field awaits.
During the climb out of Palmerton PA. A massive boulder field and the trail went up and up and up. There were times when my hiking poles were an encumbrance and hands, knees and butt did the job. Was I scared? You bet’cha!
I couldn’t help myself. I had to stop several times to munch on wild raspberries along the trail. My fingers were purple afterwards. Yum!

2 thoughts on “Days in Rocks-a-lot

  1. Raspberries are good, but keep your eyes on the lookout for blueberries. There used to be some really good ones near Ice Cave in New York. There will be more when you get into the White Mountains.

  2. I finally found some blueberries on trail but I’m still too early and they aren’t ripe yet. Oh, and I’m biased toward raspberries regardless

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